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How Can You Help

If you have not visited the site, recently, please do visit.

If you have, forgotten your pasword, use Reset Password to change your password.
Go to your family page   and see if any of your details are missing. You may also click on Family Chart button to see if I have complete chart of your family. If any thing or missing please do contact me to let me know.

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Why Register

Without the support of my family and relatives, this site can not grow. For the sake privacy and data security, access to this site is restricted to registered members only. So if you have not already registered please do register now.  Together we can extend and create a definitive resource that grows as our contributors and family grows.

Who can Register

To protect the privacy of our members, I have a very simple rule.
To register as a member, either your name is already in the Family-Tree database or you are related to a person who is already in the Family-Tree database.

If you are not sure whether you should register, have a look at some ancestral charts, below. Again, for sake of privacy, I only show individuals who are no longer with us.


Ancestors of Mansukhlal Upadhyaya and Saraswati Pandya.


Ancestors of Hansaben Jatashanker Upadhyaya


Ancestors of Vinodrai N Upadhyaya and Shardagauri D Thaker

Ancestors of Girishchandra R Upadhyaya

Ancestors of Karsanji D Travadi and Dhankunver S Trivedi

Ancestors of Pramila C Shukla

Ancestors of Dahyabhai R Desai and Shantagauri B Naik

Still Not sure?

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