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Software Changes:
Software upgrade to V12. 3 Dec 2019

PHP upgrade to 7.3 3 Dec 2019

Having spent lot of time prevaricating, I have made an important change in the LogIn procedure. Dec 2019

Now you may login with your USER NAME OR your EMAIL ADDRESS. Dec 2019

I have also tried to simplify the procedure for RESETTING PASSWORD. I

will really appreciate it if you would try out this change and let me

know if it works. Dec 2019


 Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
Vipin Manishanker Upadhyaya
Vipin Manishanker Upadhyaya
  27 Mar 2020


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Christened   Location   Last Modified 
Upadhyaya, Bharat Kumar 
b. 30 Jul 1947  Aden, Yemen  5 Apr 2020
Shukla, Alka Prabhulal 
   1 Apr 2020
Shukla, Munda Prabhulal 
   1 Apr 2020
Peel, Gillian 
   1 Apr 2020
Shukla, Dipak Prabhulal 
   1 Apr 2020
Shukla, Bharat Prabhulal 
b. 1949   1 Apr 2020
Shukla, Jagdish Prabhulal 
   1 Apr 2020
Shukla, Kanak Prabhulal 
b. 1944   1 Apr 2020
Lovegrove, Cassandra Frank 
   1 Apr 2020
Lovegrove, Mellanie Frank 
   1 Apr 2020

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Last Modified 
 I1169  Prabhulal Jadavji Shukla  I1964  Kanchanben Jivram Trivedi    1 Apr 2020
 I1715  Dipak Prabhulal Shukla  I1724  Gillian Peel    1 Apr 2020
 I1846  Navin Joshi  I1845  Shashi Prabhulal Shukla    1 Apr 2020
 I1961  Haresh Bhatt  I1959  Gita Kantilal Shukla    19 Mar 2020
 I1945  Kantilal Vishwanath Shukla  I1958  Kalavati Bhatt    19 Mar 2020
 I1944  Kashalal Vishwanath Shukla  I1946  Pushpa Jani    19 Mar 2020
 I1957  Laxman  I1950  Bharti Kashalal Shukla    19 Mar 2020
 I1949  Harshad Shukla  I1954  Jayshree Dixit    19 Mar 2020
 I1947  Pravin Kashalal Shukla  I1951  Bakula Upadhyaya    19 Mar 2020
 I1942  Vishwanath Amreshwar Shukla  I1943  Naval Bhatt    19 Mar 2020