Welcome to the Genealogy Research Site of the relatives of Upadhyaya family.

The idea behind this Family Tree project is to explore our mutual relatives, to share our family histories, achievements and memories.
My name is Mahesh Upadhyaya and I am the administrator of this site.
After months of searching various genealogy sources, I could not find any data relevant to me and my family.
Hopefully together we will create a legacy of genealogical data for our descendants.
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Thus far I have created branches for ancestors and descendants of EIGHT individuals.
Surnames include Upadhyaya, Travadi, Trivedi, Joshi, Vyas, Pandya, Desai and Naik.You may explore the descendents of these individuals by navigating to the genealogy map by clicking here.
As data is password protected, all names and images of LIVING individuals are only visible to logged-in users.If you think you may be able to help in extending our genealogy data, please do Contact Me.
Together we can extend and create a definitive resource that grows as our contributors and family grows.
Privacy and Data integrity
In order to keep your data private, we have created a closed community that requires approval to access genealogical data of living individuals. All changes and additions are manually curated by the site founder and moderator, Mahesh Upadhyaya.
If you think you should be a member of our community, Register Now
or for more information, Contact me.