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Latest News

17 June 2016
Publish Articles on Site
I thought it may be good idea to host interesting, family related, articles on our web site.
To get the ball rolling, I have put some material, under articles, to give you an idea of type of articles we could host.
Articles can be
either for general public-access
or user-access only.
For now I have made all articles available on general public-access> At the end of this month, atleast 2 articles will be classified as user-access only.
Drop me line if you would like to contribute.

22 May 2016
Site Hacked

Our genalogy site,,  was hacked few days ago and as I was not able to repair it, a complete re-build has been done.
I would like to stress that our DATA has not been compromised and is secure. It’s just that the squatters made a terrible mess, as squatters do, and it took few days to re-buid.

14 May 2016
Make pages viewable on phones
I got myself a smart phone, early this year. I looked at our site on the phone and realized that not all pages displayed properly, when shrunk.
So, now I have gone through all pages , re-coding to make the pages, responsive to handheld devices and tablets.

Welcome to Brand New Upavadi Site
I am hoping this is going to be our final version of Family Tree and Family Genealogy website. There are bound to be several bugs in the system. We will do our utmost to fix these issues. I am relying on you, our family members, to test out the system and let me know any problems you encounter.

So What’s New in Phase 3
From the Menu, Clicking on Family > My Family takes you to our new Family Page.

Go to Family Page
This is our main family page around which we have built our Phase 3 update.
At a glance the page displays details about your family. There are 4 options next to your profile photo.
Upload Photo to change or add your profile photo to the family tree.
Genealogy Page takes you to person’s genealogy where there may be more information about the person. You may view charts about Ancestors and Descendents.

Family page is shown in more detail below
Go to Family PageFamily page displays, your welcome messaage. Next is the name of the person whose details you are viewing.
Rest of the details are:
Spouse(s) and children.
Clicking on any name takes you to that person’s personal page.
Birth and death anniversaries in the current month are highlighted.

Update Family
consists of 4 steps.

  1. Check and update personal data. Click on Next
  2. Check and update Parents’ data. Click on Next
  3. Check and update Spouse’s data. Click on Next
  4. Check and update Children’s data. Click on Finish


Go to Family PageOnce you click Finish your updates are sent to me. I shall update the database and let you know once this is done.

Add Family
Add Family is used when the Person does not have spouse (husband or wife) details in the database. Once you have entered details about the spouse, Details of the children may be added. Final step allows you to add notes about the person.
Go to Family Page

Update Person’s Notes
Go to Family Page

Go to Family PageFor more information, please contact me.